Hi Guys.

I just want to inform you about my future planned posts so you guys know what’s going up here the next weeks.

I have planned to finish my Always On VPN Series until May and between this Series I will publish a few other things (I guess once a week).

You will get one of the following topics week for week

  • Group Policy Management
  • Information Material for Server Administrators
  • Active Directory Management
  • Some nice Tools for Administrators

After the Always On VPN Series I will mainly focus on the “All new Microsoft Edge” Browser and how to use this for you company to enhance your User Experience.

After the Microsoft Edge I will create a few other Series. I thought about one of the following

  • OneDrive for Business as User Profile Alternative and how to roll it out
  • How To Group Policy Series about the best Group Policies in my opinion and how to use them
  • How to enhance your Server Security with Microsoft Systems and Tools
  • “Windows Updates for Dummies” – I will explain the different Systems and show you how to configure them or switching over from one to another System
  • System Center Configuration Manager Series -> All about SCCM and how to use it proberly
  • Powershell Series and how to use it proberly
  • Office365 Rollout Series
  • A Series about User Profile Technologies
  • Maybe a Series about User Permissions and Group Nesting with Active Directory to create “Employee Job Permission” Structures to create the milestone for Automation

If you guys want to have one of the Series earlier or you want me to post other Information – let me know in the Comment Section below.

Have a nice Week Guys!

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